National Museum of Ireland.

Client: National Museum of Ireland

Date: Jan 2020 – Sept 2021

Down to Earth is an exhibition on the geology of Ireland that tells the story of how scientists have developed understanding of our planet over the last 175 years. The exhibition evolved through a partnership between the National Museum of Ireland and Geological Survey Ireland. Down to Earth also marks and celebrates the museum’s 175th anniversary.

The exhibition explores how geology is relevant to everyday life, demonstrates the central role both rock and minerals play in how we interact with the world and informs visitors about the effects of climate change.

A large impressive floor map print of Ireland detailing the different rock formations in each part of the island is the centrepiece of the exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the variety of rocks and other deposits beneath their feet. Children love discovering what underlies their own county! Large interpretive graphic wall prints, designed for visual impact, feature throughout the exhibition. These are bilingual (English and Irish), with supporting imagery and illustration. A large number of display cases contain many ordinary objects from everyday life that have a specific and meaningful link to geology. Visitors can virtually travel over the ocean from a rebuilt GSI Research Vessel’s bridge to see how the seabed is mapped, discovering shipwrecks and the outer edges of our continent.

Services Provided

Conceptual and thematic master plan

Exhibit design & specification

Interactive and audiovisual design

Set dressing

Graphic design

Wayfinding & signage

Installation quality control

Project management


John Raftery

Michael Cummins

Sorcha Duggan


Creative Technologies

Display Contracts

All Shapes, All Makes

Shadow Creations

Denise Byrne

Ron Wilson