Ulster Canal Stores – Linked by a Thread.

Client: Clones Development Society

Date: Sept 2018– June 2019

The traditional home of Clones lace and situated on the banks of the Ulster Canal, this nineteenth-century cut-stone former canal storehouse has been beautifully restored as a visitor centre. It houses an exhibition of local lace dating back to c. 1880, and includes wedding dresses and collars.

The Linked by a Thread exhibition weaves the tale of this unique form of crochet lace, from its humble beginnings as a social enterprise in the post Famine period of the 1850s, to its revival by dedicated locals in the 1980s. This museum is unique in that it is dedicated entirely to crochet lace. The collection holds stunning antique pieces from the Victorian era, through to more modern designs such as spectacular wedding dresses.

The exhibition very much emphasises the importance of women and their contribution to society when the market for lace-making was at its zenith. It showcases their skill, imagination and enterprise. Visitors can view a short film which shows the destitution of the region following the famine, and discover the history of Clones Lace and its dedicated makers.

Services Provided

Content research & development

Exhibition design & specification

Identity Design

Graphic Design

Installation quality control

Project management


John Raftery

Mark Leslie

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